11th July 2017

Photo: Christine’s house

This afternoon I visited Xavier at his farm. He is a cow and cereal farmer. I sat down with his wife and him to discuss life as a farmer in France and their general feeling of the quality of life in France. Very kind and open individuals. We ended our talk by exploring Google Earth – looking at where I grew up in Australia and at factory cow farms in the USA 😦

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.01.28 PM.png

An hour later I was at Christine’s house. A gigantic chateau. Christine is German, lived in Washington D.C and now lives in France. Three very different perspectives on the American Dream and life in these countries. Germany has it’s problems (doesn’t everyone?) but seems less complicated than France…but perhaps healthcare is more expensive. She talked about how good elementary schools in the USA were but then we focused on the positives of free education and the power of knowledge given to you in Germany. She asked me why I moved to the States if education was so expensive.

My head is swimming with information and I am on cloud nine.


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