8th July 2017

Photo: My sketch book

We spent half the day working on our projects as our time is slowly running out (nooooo!). I worked on the overview of the show to check that it all made sense. I am 90% sure it does make sense and has a nice flow. However I discussed with Ethan my use of the HBO monologue at the end and he made an interesting comment. He suggested taking it out and doing it my own way…which would be more unique plus I wouldn’t have to worry about rights issues in the future.

I sat down for awhile not sure what to do with the ending…and then I realised it was quite simple.

I found a Facebook comment about how amazed she is that America hasn’t adopted other countries’ policies that are working and it’s due to the America is the Greatest Country mentality. This leads to Linus from Filimundus talking about HBO’s The Newsroom opening and mentioning the intellectual levels are at a low in the USA. The performers will then use food products to show the stats. Michelle Obama comes in and says ‘Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country…because this country is the greatest country in the world.’ The crowd cheers and cheers. The music dies down. The show ends on Linus saying ‘You know people need to get a wakeup call because the American Dream…has cracked.”

NEW OUTLINE: (I’m using the original outline I made on the 2nd day of the residency as a base and it’s fascinating to see how the structure has changed!)

  • Opening
  • Things Are Great (Leunig AUS)
  • Land of Opportunity (Sandy USA)
  • Things Are (Not) Great (Leunig AUS)
  • Rags to Riches – Benjamin and Others
  • “Land of Opportunity” (Therese SE)
  • Ecology of Trees (Malcolm USA)
  • Alive in the Past (Lars SE, Didier FR and Cecile FR) – I added Didier & Cecile here talking about how this dream is in the past not the present)
  • No Hope (Noam USA)
  • Bootstrap Delusion (NoldorElf USA & RadioLab USA) – I put these in the same scene.
  • Chronic Stress of Becoming Poor (RobertSF USA, Yann FR & Svante SE) – I added a French opinion and put Svante in this scene. 
  • Difficulty Makes Life (John USA, Karine SE & Hege NO) – joined these two scenes together ** Add other countries opinion (Maybe Christine)
  • Nothing is Free (Maria USA)
  • Republican Wet Dream (Lars SE, Jean-Pierre FR, Camille’s Friend FR, Fadi SY) – I added some French comments about contributing to society. ** Add other countries opinion (Maybe Christine)
  • Highest Tax In The World (Ken USA, Arlene USA, Peter SW, Gunhild NO, Jean-Pierre FR) – This originally was one section with the following two scenes but I split them up for more clarity. This section debunks the high tax myth.
  • Benefits of Paying Tax (Sionnan USA/FR, Anders DK, Daniel DK,  Samantha CA, Leesa CA, Gwen USA, Larisa RU, Yolanda MX, Anne Hathaway USA, Ryan USA, Swedish Lady SE, Dan UK, Pat DE, Timo FI, Jacinta AUS, Michael USA, Erkki FI, Beth USA) – This section outlines the benefits from retirement, maternity leave, education, healthcare etc.
  • High Tax = Less Freedom (Travis USA, Didier FR, Celine FR, Jean-Pierre FR, Susan USA) – This section shows how paying high taxes doesn’t take away your freedom. ** Add other countries opinion (Maybe Christine)
  • Stagnant Wages (Chris Rock USA, Rick Wolff USA, Alan Simpson USA, Karen Handel USA, Jon Ossof USA, Autumn USA, Altom NZ, Camille’s Friend FR, April USA, Sam USA, Yousuf USA, Cindy USA.) – This section discusses the stagnation of US wages compared to the increase in wages in other countries, it also touches on the debate for a ‘liveable’ wage and how people should work hard and stop complaining.
  • Getting an Education (Jacinta AUS plus others) – Need to continue working on this section but this outlines the high cost of education in the US and the affordability/accessibility of education in the rest of the world. 
  • Individualism vs Communitarianism Mix Up (Ayn Rand USA, Lars SE,) – This section starts off with a quote from Ayn Rand about individualism. Lars then goes on to explain how USA isn’t individualist it is anti-state and very much dependent on the family. Europe and Scandinavia are pro government. Europe is State and Family. Scandinavia is State and Individual – which creates individuals…using Pippi to explain the freedom you receive from a welfare state…I also use this section to clean up the misuse of the word welfare state – it is not the same as welfare system or unemployment which is a common mix up in the USA. USA is actually communitarians which is dangerous because you depend on your family. 
  • Trusting the Goodwill of your Family and Neighbor – this is still a work in progress but will outline the danger of having to rely on your family – what if they have no money…what if there is no goodwill?
  • Solidarity…is Dangerous (Sionnan USA, Noam Chomsky USA, Linus SE) – Solidarity is needed but it is dangerous because it means the majority has the power over the opulent minority…USA created a system that destroyed democracy ** Add other countries opinion (Maybe Lucien, Camille’s Friend, Australian, Christine)
  • Have-It-Alls vs America (Jacob Hacker USA, OECD, Ayn Rand USA, Thomas Piketty FR, Gabriel Zucman FR, and Emmanuel Saez FR) – This section looks at the levels of income inequality in the USA compared to the world and the concentration of wealth.
  • Second Rater Resentment (Ayn Rand USA) – A fantastic monologue from Atlas Shrugged where one character complains about the resentment he receives for his success. 
  • Wind At Your Back (Tom Gilovich USA) – Tom’s small monologue discusses how you forget the things that help you along but remember all the challenges and barriers.
  • Vicious Cycle (Noam Chomsky USA, Amanda USA, Donald Trump USA) – Concentration of wealth yields power which leads to legislation which is in favor of concentration of wealth. The rich gain power. Donald Trump proves this by placing the president of Goldman Sachs in his administration
  • A Cacocracy (Leunig AUS, Various) – This section needs more fleshing out but it opens with Leunig’s cartoon “word of the day: Cacocracy” – and is followed by a Cacocracy Tango which features members of Trump’s cabinet.
  • De-Trumping Support (Leunig AUS) – Products to de-trump your life and a poem about Trump freeing our minds.
  • Give Him a Shot (Various USA, Courtney Barnett USA) – Trump supporters don’t like how everyone is down on Trump because he has kept his promises however they can’t name the promises he has kept . Courtney’s song “Pedestrian At Best” illustrated Trump’s broken promises to his supporters.
  • How Did He Get Elected (Didier FR, Cecile FR, Sionnan USA, Politican USA) – This section discusses how such a man got elected – frustration and a dying democracy. ** Add other countries opinion  (Xavier and Christine?)
  • Greatest Country on Earth (Ellen USA, Linus SE, OECD, Michelle Obama USA) – Stats prove that USA is not the greatest country on earth and that people need a wake up call. ** Add other countries opinion (Christine)
  • Thank you  + Please Join for Cake and Discussion

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