7th July 2017

Photo: Camille’s common area

This morning I worked on the show. Adding a section on education. I am addressing the audience telling them about how easy it was to get an education in the US but another performer interjects reminding me of the cost of getting an education. It will be a comical piece for a bit of relief. It will end with Erik saying ‘You will have to come to France were it is free” which he indeed said to me on the weekend in Bayeux when I told him the price of my Masters degree. Music similar to Mutant Brain will start playing and I will be joined by other ensemble members in a crazed dance. During the dance projections of student debt, university fees, Betsy DeVos’ school choice etc. will be projected.

In the afternoon I drove out to a small village called Sallen where I interview visual artist Camille and her friend. They live on an abandoned piece of land. She lives in a tipi and he lives in a tent. It was fantastic. Life was simple. We ate freshly made crepes and had a great discussion about the need for solidarity and if everyone naturally helped each other we wouldn’t need to depend on the government at all.


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