4th July 2017

Photo: Children at Cerisy-la-Foret primary school

I interviewed Delphine, a primary school teacher at the local school. In French! YAY! We had a detailed talk about education in France and how free education helps to reduce inequality…unfortunately a lot still has to be done on the family’s part – but if you are poor or low income you may not be able to further your children’s education at home. It’s very complicated. I’m discovering the French system is good (better than the USA) but far more complicated than the Scandinavian model. Great things and not so good elements…

I spent the afternoon working the script. I rearranged the section about TAX. Bernie Sanders posted on Facebook an article about how Scandinavia got it right and there online discussion was very useful for my project. Both sides were represented. I also looked at some comments from the video of Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel – when Karen said she doesn’t support a livable wage. Many people agree with Karen – I added this to the script.

I got a little stuck with what to do after the wage debate…it ends on an American instructing others to stop whining and go get an education. Great place to discuss how difficult it is to get an education. I wanted to tell my story about being hit with a $100,000 bill for my MFA…but I felt like this moment in the show was lagging…boring…Ethan suggested I make it comical…so I did…I’m defending the fee and the loan and the interest while another performer is pointing out how difficult it will be to pay off the loan. It ends with me hating the other performer…and then MUTANT BRAIN starts playing and we all dance like crazies (choreographed) while statistics and data and fees for the cost of education and loans etc. in other countries is projected. I’ll also include difficult for low income families and people ‘minority’ communities to access education.

This was a fun end to the day!


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