3rd July 2017

Photo: Lucien showing his vinyls to Ethan. He bought them in 1948 after World War Two when music was allowed to be played again.

I spent the morning transcribing the final hour of Didier and Cecile’s interview. They had some great bites about life in France. It’s complicated here but I feel like it’s still better than the States.

Ethan and I walked to Cerisy and interviewed Lucien and Jacqueline about their life during World War Two in Paris. It’s rare to hear the stories from individuals who had the war imposed upon their daily life. Not knowing what it meant when the Jews disappeared from school…the feeling of the Americans arriving…the smell of peanut butter…stories of eating rich food again and being covered in pimples. I hope I can transform their stories for the stage one day.


On the way home we passed our two new friends’, Michel and Veronique, house and vegetable garden. We complimented their garden and without hesitation they gave us fresh lettuce, potatoes, basil and parsley picked fresh from their garden.

I am constantly overwhelmed by the generosity and openness of strangers. It gives me so much hope.



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